Hazardous Waste Management

Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility:Authorized agency for handling of Hazardous Waste found fit for the landfill. Multiple Effect Evaporator:For the treatment of Leachate and RO reject water having high Total Dissolved Solids(TDS). Empty Used Drums: Authorized agency from HPSPCB for Handling, cleaning & disposal of Hazardous/Non- Hazardous chemical drums in Scientific manner. Waste Oil/ Used Oil, Paint Sludge:Authorized agency from HPSPCB for Collection Storage Transportation of Used Oil/ Waste Oil & paint sludge and send to the CPCB authorized Recycler/Refiner. Used Lead Acid Batteries :Authorize agency from HPSPCB for Collection Storage and Transportation of Used Lead Acid Batteries and send to CPCB authorized Recycler.

Integrated Environmental Services

Shivalik Solid Waste Management Limited offers a unique range of expertise in the sustainable management of water resources. This expertise is backed by state-of-the-art technology and covers a complete array of solutions to meet the needs of individuals and industries.

Shivalik Solid Waste Management is a global leader in the science, engineering, and construction of sustainable water and wastewater solutions, applying our proven understanding of regulatory requirements and financial options. Our water and wastewater treatment specialists combine their expertise in design and operation of biological and physical / chemical processes to meet our client’s needs for effective, efficient treatment facilities.

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