Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste

  • Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility: Authorized agency for handling of Hazardous Waste found fit for the landfill.

AS PER THE AGREEMENT: The Member industry, provides the process details leading to generation of Hazardous waste, for determining the waste characteristics , as well as its final path way of treatment, storage & disposal. The Member industry also declares the Hazardous waste quantity as per the norms & time to time confirm the disposal schedule. The Shivalik Solid Waste Management Limited accepts Hazardous waste at the facility only from the generators registered with it and have proper authorization from H.P State Pollution Control Board.

  • Multiple Effect Evaporator: For the treatment of Leachate and RO reject water having high Total Dissolved Solids(TDS).
  • Empty Used Drums: Authorized agency from HPSPCB for Handling, cleaning & disposal of Hazardous/Non- Hazardous chemical drums in Scientific manner.
  • Waste Oil/ Used Oil, Paint Sludge: Authorized agency from HPSPCB for Collection Storage Transportation of Used Oil/ Waste Oil & paint sludge and send to the CPCB authorized Recycler/Refiner.
  • Used Lead Acid Batteries: Authorize agency from HPSPCB for Collection Storage and Transportation of Used Lead Acid Batteries and send to CPCB authorized Recycler.