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Year Of Exp.
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HW disposed in SLF
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SSWML Our Process

We at Shivalik Solid Waste Management limited controlling the growing problem of hazardous substances in the environment which appears to be a difficult process because the wastes are from many sources. Toxic and hazardous substances from these sources contaminate the land, air, and water . The potential health risk associated with these substances vary from minor, short term discomforts, such as headaches and nausea to serious health problems, such as cancers and birth defects, to major accidents that cause immediate injury or death . It is therefore important to take necessary steps in managing the waste. In view of this, management of hazardous wastes including their disposal in an environment friendly and economically viable way is very important and therefore suggestions are made considering the waste types and states .

The Member industry provides the process details leading to generation of Hazardous waste, for determining the waste characteristics , as well as its final path way of treatment, storage & disposal. The Member industry also declares the Hazardous waste quantity as per the norms & time to time confirm the disposal schedule. The Shivalik Solid Waste Management Limited accepts Hazardous waste at the facility only from the generators registered with it and have proper authorization from H.P State Pollution Control Board.



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